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Faculty News

2018 Faculty News

Miriam Williams’ article, “Technologies of Disenfranchisement: Literacy tests and Black voters in the U.S. from 1890-1965" (with Natasha Jones of the University of Central Florida) will be published in the Society of Technical Communication’s Journal, *Technical Communication,* in the fall 2018 Special Issue on Election Technologies. Her essay, “#BlackLivesMatter: Tweeting a Movement in Chronos and Kairos,” is included in Octavio Pimentel and Cruz Medina’s edited collection, which was recently published by Computers & Composition Digital Press. 
Pinfan Zhu presented his paper, “Well-Received Rhetorical Strategies as Demonstrated in the Speeches and Reports by Chinese Leaders” at the Annual International Conference of the International Organization of Social Science and Research on March 20. He was also recently invited to be on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Media and Communication Studies and currently serves as a member on the Editorial Board for theJournal of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Hunan University, China.
Scott Mogull was interviewed by Jack McLellan with Creative Tucson. See interview here: An Interview with Dr. Scott Mogull (Professor, Technical Communicator, Marketer Extraordinaire)
Aimee Kendall Roundtree’s article “Dialogic of Social Media in Healthcare Settings: Text Mining the Rules, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Health Organizations and the Public” appears in the current issue of the American Communication Journal.
On March 13, Scott Mogull chaired the session “Critical Discourse Analysis of Technical Communications in Capitalist Medicine” at the 21st annual conference of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing in Kansas City, KS.  The participants presented research on health care communications in industry.

Deb Balzhiser and Amanda Scott from the English Department, and Assistant Professor of Curriculum Instruction Charise Pimentel, recently presented a panel titled “Matters of Form: Questions of Race, Identity, Design, and the U.S. Census” at the annual Association of Teachers of Technical Writing conference in Kansas City, Kansas." 



2017 Faculty News

Aimee Roundtree's funded research projects are highlighted in Engaging Research, which is the Office of Sponsored Programs' Faculty Research Spotlight.

Scott Mogull's book was recently published by Routledge, Scientific and Medical Communication: A Guide for Effective Practice, the first practice-line book in the ATTW-Routledge Book Series in Technical and Professional Communication. URL: Scott also published a research article in the prominent scientific/medical journal PLOS ONE, titled “Accuracy of Cited ‘Facts’ in Medical Research Articles: A Review of Study Methodology and Recalculation of Quotation Error Rate.” In the article, Dr. Mogull corrected the error rate of cited research "facts," which are inaccurate summaries of previous research studies. He found that 14.5% of claims in the original medical studies are inaccurately summarized or presented when compared to the data and claims in the original studies. He is also the author of “Science vs. Science Commercialization in Neoliberalism (Extreme Capitalism): Examining the Conflicts and Ethics of Information Sharing in Opposing Social Systems,” a chapter in Scientific Communication: Practices, Theories, and Pedagogies. The book is part of the Routledge Series in Technical Communication, Rhetoric and Culture. Dr. Mogull also presented a research paper at the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine Symposium entitled, “Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in a Late-Capitalist, Saturated Pharmaceutical Drug Market: Discord in the Treximet Marketing as Greed Outpaces Innovation.”

Miriam Williams' article, "The Social Justice Impact of Plain Language: A Critical Approach to Plain Language Analysis," (co-authored with Natasha Jones of University of Central Florida), will be published in the 2017 Plain Language Special Issue of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions on Professional Communication.

Aimee Roundtree has been selected as the new Associate Dean for Research in the College of Liberal Arts. Aimee will begin her assignment this fall, replacing Brit Bousman of Anthropology, who served in the position since 2011.

At the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) 2017 conference in Portland, Oregon, Miriam Williams was named a Fellow of the organization. As noted on the ATTW website proclaiming the honor, "the elevation of Professor Miriam Williams to the rank of ATTW Fellow is a historic moment in this organization. In a technical communication career that has, so far, spanned over twenty years, Dr. Williams has distinguished herself as a practitioner, a teacher, a scholar, and as an academic program administrator, and she is now the first person of color to be recognized as a Fellow...".  Please see announcement of the achievement here:

In early February, Scott Mogull will present research entitled, “Intersection of Technical Communication and Marketing Genres: Spanning Silos through Product Documentation” at the Fifth Colloquium Technical Communication in the Field, hosted by the Université Paris Diderot.

Aimee Roundtree was interviewed on the “10 Minute Tech Comm” podcast about her article, "Social Health Content and Activity on Facebook: A Survey Study." The episode is available here. Aimee also received a $20K grant from State Farm to research and design an intervention for improving fire incident reporting strategies. She will use text mining and qualitative research methods to characterize best practices and identify barriers that hinder report accuracy, consistency, and quality. The project will help San Marcos and College Station Fire Departments set reporting guidelines, create reporting templates, and train firefighters.

At the Health Scholar Showcase on February 10, Scott Mogull and Aimee Roundtree will present on Medical Communication: Patients, Providers, and the Public. Dr. Mogull will present his review of citation accuracy in medical research and Dr. Roundtree will present her work on autism community activism on Twitter.

Aimee Roundtree won a teaching grant along with Dr. Hunter Close (Physics), Dr. Kristina Collins (Education), Dr. Grayson Lawrence (Art and Design), and Dr. Ziliang Zong (Computer Science). She will serve as Project Director on “Coding Across the Disciplines,” a $100K project to teach computer programming skills to middle and high school teachers from all disciplines. The project was funded by WeTeach_CS, a program of The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for STEM Education. For full article:

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