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Internship Track

MATC students who work full-time or who intend to work as technical communicators immediately following graduation typically choose the internship option. The internship is a course that is typically offered in the spring semester and taught by a MATC faculty member. 

The MATC internship class, English 5312, is described below:

Editing the Professional Publication (Internship): this section is typically offered as an online/RRHEC course, the Internship—or Service Learning Project—section is offered at night. Students in this section will practice the writing, editing, designing, and proofreading of a professional publication or publications. The service-learning portion of this course requires students to find an appropriate service-learning project that includes a technology component and requires writing, editing, and developing a large print and/or online document. The student becomes a "writing and editing consultant" in his/her internship and its subsequent project. 

Internship classes are pass/fail.  Students will not receive a letter grade (or grade point equivalent) for this course.