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Thesis Track

Students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Technical Communication (or other Ph.D. program) typically choose the thesis track.

Thesis track consists of two classes:

  • Thesis A - typically, during thesis A, students select their thesis committee and chair, submit their thesis proposal to the graduate college, and write their literature review.  This is when students research their thesis.
  • Thesis B - typically, during thesis B, students actually write their thesis, submit it to their chair for review, have their thesis defense, and submit it to the graduate college for final approval.  This is when students write and submit their thesis for publication.

Students interested in the thesis track should review the Thesis Guidelines to ensure they have a full understanding of the work involved in writing a thesis.  Theses are required to be published through the University Library, with copies distributed to the library, the department, and the student. There are also student thesis proposals available for viewing.