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Upcoming Course Offerings

Fall 2021


English 5300.001

Topic: Language Problems in Multicultural Environments

M 6:30-9:20pm




Instructor: Dr. Miriam Williams


Description/Goals: This course will introduce students to scholarship on social justice in technical communication. Students will examine social justice issues including linguistic diversity, environmental racism, health disparities, and implications of science denial on vulnerable populations. Students will examine ways that practitioners in the community, government, and industry can use technical communication to solve problems that affect historically marginalized groups. Students will select, read, and synthesize research from the following social justice in technical communication bibliographies, which were compiled over the past year.


Bibliography of Works by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Technical and Professional Communication


CCCC Black Technical and Profesional Writing Task Force (2020). Black technical and professional communication position statement with resource guide. NCTE, retrieved from:


Social Justice in Technical and Professional Communication Annotated Bibliography (2021)


Multiply Marginalized and Underrepresented Scholars Bibliography:



Conference proposal 20%

Preliminary draft of a research paper 20%
Final draft of research paper 20%
Virtual presentation of findings 20%
Class Participation: 20%


Phone: (512) 245-3015



English 5311.001

Topic: Foundations in Technical Communication

Online Asynchronous



Instructor: Dr. Christopher Dayley


Description/Goals: Introduction to technical communication is a graduate-level course meant to give students a broad understanding of the field of technical communication as both an academic and a professional discipline. In this course students will: 


  • Study the history of technical and professional communication 
  • Learn practical technical communication skills 
  • Understand basic research methods 
  • Apply basic theoretical concepts related to technical and professional communication  


Evaluation: As an asynchronous online course, students will participate in online discussions and will be assigned group work that must be done remotely.  


English 5313.001

Topic: Document Design and Rhetoric




Instructor: Dr. Aimee K. Roundtree

Please contact Dr. Roundtree at for further details.


English 5314.001

Topic: Technical Content Marketing 

T 6:30-9:20pm




Instructor: Dr. Scott Mogull

Description/Goals: In Technical Content Marketing, students will learn to plan and write informative (or content-rich) and persuasive information about the latest technical innovations for target consumer audiences. In this graduate course, we will cover the foundations and ethics of marketing technical products, analyze the genres of content marketing, and explore the use of technology and new media in technical marketing. Our readings will be from the latest literature and trends in the field. At the end of the course, students will develop a technical content marketing portfolio that is designed to be used to demonstrate your marketing skills in job interviews and may be used as a document for the MATC capstone portfolio.


  • Evaluate the features and benefits of a high-tech product (and compare to competing high-tech products on the market),
  • Address the needs and wants of potential customers (having constructed an accurate and descriptive audience analysis),
  • Determine how (through appropriate media selection) and when to communicate complex information about the technology to potential customers,
  • Apply an appropriate and consistent corporate brand image and writing style,
  • Examine the ethics of technical marketing from a technical communication perspective, and
  • Examine the latest communication technologies available in order to effectively reach potential customers and measure marketing effectiveness.

Books: Readings will be journal articles and book chapters (available through Canvas and/or the Alkek Library; no textbook required).

Evaluation: The anticipated evaluation includes:

1. Take-home midterm exam (30%)

2. Technical content marketing presentation and discussion lead (on genres) (30%)

3. Technical content marketing portfolio (term project) (40%)

Office: FH 131

Phone: (512) 408-3365




English 5314.003

Topic: Writing Software Documentation

Online Asynchronous



Instructor: Dr. Pinfan Zhu

Course Description: Numerous software applications and programs are created every year. Our daily life and workplace life are inseparable from using these software tools for different purposes. Thus, writing software documentation becomes one of the important skills a technical writer must command in his/her professional career. English 5314 is just such a course that develops students’ expertise in the management and production of writing for both print and online media that supports the efficient and effective use of software in its intended environment.  Major genres include software and hardware manuals such as tutorials, procedures, and reference.  Students will also learn how to manage projects, how to address issues of user analysis, text design, page design, task-oriented manuals, and translation management. The class is basically online but will have the first class for the online course orientation. Since the class is mainly online, you will have to use my Canvas teaching website.  Most activities will be conducted online, so students need to learn how to use some online tools for their online learning and bring their research, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills into full play. Details will be found in the syllabus. Online office hours will be provided.

Books: Writing Software Documentation: A Task-oriented Approach, 2nd ed. by Thomas T. Barker. Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2003. ISBN 1: 0-321-10328-9


  • 10%   Exercises
  • 20%   Chapter quizzes
  • 30%   3 short projects: tutorials, procedures and references.
  • 10%   Usability design and implementation report
  •    30%   Proposal for your semester project and the Semester project  

Office: FH M18

Phone: (512)245-3013