Degree Requirements

The MATC unofficial degree outline will help you keep track of courses you've taken and select courses that you need for an MATC degree. Another tool to help you stay on track is your Texas State University Degree Audit. For any questions about courses that will count toward an MATC degree, or if you need academic advising, email Dr. Dayley at

3 Hours Foundations Course                                                                                       

ENG 5311: Foundations in Technical Communication                                            

3 Hours Rhetorical Theory Course

ENG 5383: Rhetorical Theory                                                                                        


ENG 5326: Composition Theory                                                                   

9 Hours Required Technologically-focused Courses for Thesis and Internship

OR 6 Hours of Required Technologically-focused courses and 3 Hours of Ethics                        

ENG 5310: Digital Literacies 

ENG 5313: Digital & Print Document Design                              

ENG 5313: Digital Media and the Web

ENG 5313: Ethics in Technical Communication 

ENG 5313: Technical Editing      

ENG 5314: International Technical Communication

ENG 5314: Software Documentation    

ENG 5317: Computers and Writing 

9 Hours of Prescribed Electives for Thesis

OR 12 Hours of Prescribed Electives for Internship

ENG 5300: Language Problems in a Multicultural Environment                 

ENG 5310: Studies in Language and Linguistics                                                        

ENG 5312: Editing the Professional Publication (approved topics*) This course may be taken twice if approved topics are different   

ENG 5313 Principles of Technical Communication: Various Topics

ENG 5314: Specializations in Technical Communication: Various topics

ENG 5317: Specializations in Rhetoric and Composition: (approved topics*)                

ENG 5324: Topic: Literature and Technology                                                            

3 Hours Internship

ENG 5312: Editing the Professional Publication Internship (approved topics*)


6 Hours of Thesis

ENG 5399: Thesis A  (Prerequisite: 18 hours) 


ENG 5399: Thesis B  (Prerequisite: Thesis A)                                              

Optional: 6 hours of Cognate/Area of Emphasis

With permission of the MATC Director, students may also opt to take 6 hours of Rhetoric and Composition or Literature courses from Texas State as a cognate/area of emphasis for six hours of the Prescribed Electives. In addition, students may opt for a minor in other programs or disciplines at Texas State. Cognates are two courses; minors are typically three courses or more and require an advisor from the discipline in which the courses are taken.

Note: ENG 5313 and ENG 5314 courses may be taken a maximum of three times each. Different topics are required.

*Effective Spring 2015 – English 5312 and 5317 topics must be approved by the MATC Director prior to enrollment

NOTE:  You are NOT required to obtain a minor or cognate to complete our program.