Thesis Track

Two steps to completing a thesis. These steps challenge students to refine their writing and research methods by producing faculty-reviewed work. Students who complete a Master's thesis may advance their research as doctoral students.

Step 1: Thesis A

ENG5399A: Thesis A is a class designed for developing and researching student theses. The class prepares students to complete the following:

  1. Narrowing theses topics to a manageable idea students can dedicate their time and energy to.
  2. Preparing and researching the thesis topic.
  3. Writing literature reviews and a possible thesis first draft.
  4. Finding and requesting an appropriate thesis committee and faculty chair.
  5. Submitting the thesis proposal application to the Graduate College.

Gaining approval for Thesis B registration.

Step 2: Thesis B

ENG5399B: Thesis B is taken after the completion of Thesis A and keeps students on track to complete their thesis during their final semester. Students can expect the following during Thesis B:

  1. Writing and editing the thesis for chair review.
  2. Rewriting and editing the thesis based on chair review feedback.
  3. Defending the thesis in front of the chosen thesis committee.
  4. Submitting the thesis to the Graduate College for final approval.

Advancing the thesis for possible publication.

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