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Admission Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Instructions

Applicants are required to submit an admission portfolio directly to the Graduate College, as well as all other materials (e.g. Application, Transcripts).

Applicants must document their mastery of undergraduate writing skills by submitting a portfolio of their own writing. The portfolio should be in PDF format and include the following:

  1. At least two nonfiction prose documents totaling a minimum of 15 typed double-spaced pages or the equivalent in single-spaced pages. Applicants can choose a range of documents to submit. Some suggestions include undergraduate research papers; professional pieces such as newsletters, brochures, memorandums; copies of webpages; and instructional materials.
  2. A professional letter at the beginning describing and explaining the materials within the portfolio and the applicant’s role in creating those materials (writing, editing, and/or designing).  The professional letter should be between one and two pages single-spaced.
  3. A Statement of Purpose that explains the applicant’s reasons for wanting to be in the M.A. in Technical Communication program. Applicants are encouraged to include any and all background information that demonstrates interest and/or experience in writing, editing, and/or designing online or paper documents or other pertinent information. The Statement of Purpose should clearly designate any proprietary documents and state that permission has been granted to the applicant to use the document or documents. Applicants should make sure any and all proprietary information has been approved for submission by the individual, company, agency, or entity that owns it. The Statement of Purpose should be no longer than two pages single-spaced.

The portfolio will be kept on file with the applicant’s other materials.