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Portfolio Checklist

  • The portfolio has at least two nonfiction prose documents totaling a minimum of 15 typed double-spaced pages or the equivalent in single-spaced pages.
  • The portfolio contains a professional letter at the beginning describing and explaining the materials within it and the applicant's role in creating those materials (writing, editing, and/or designing). The letter should be between one and two pages single-spaced.
  • The portfolio contains a Statement of Purpose that explains the applicant's reasons for wanting to be in the program. The Statement of Purpose is no longer than two pages single-spaced.
  • The Statement of Purpose clearly designates any proprietary documents and states that permission has been granted to the applicant to use the document or documents.
  • The portfolio documents include examples of extended, substantive writing.
  • The portfolio demonstrates strong writing skills.
  • The portfolio demonstrates good grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills.
  • The portfolio shows the applicant's attention to writing details such as document design, audience awareness, and appropriate style.
  • The portfolio shows the applicant's sense of professionalism.
  • The portfolio suggests that the applicant can successfully progress through the MA in Technical Communication program to graduate.

Submit your portfolio with your application through the graduate college.