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Scholarships & Assistantships

Graduate AssistantshipsAmanda Teaching an Undergrad Class

The Department of English appoints two types of graduate assistants: Instructional Assistants (IAs) who assist lead professors with lectures and grading in large literature classes and Teaching Assistants (TAs) who teach their own sections of College Writing I and II.

Applications for these positions are due by January 24, 2020.

Instructional Assistants (IAs)

The duties of an IA include distributing course materials, managing media equipment during class, grading papers, conducting review sessions, and holding office hours. 

Each IA is assigned a desk in a shared office in Flowers Hall for grading and office hours, but this is also a great space for tackling graduate coursework and developing relationships with fellow graduate students.

IAs are supported by the IA Coordinator and English 5372, a practicum course taken during the fall semester.  

Eligibility: Graduate study applicants and current graduate students are eligible to apply to be an IA.

IA/TA Application Guidelines

Teaching Assistants (TAs)Emily Grading at Desk

TAs are instructors of record for two sections of College Writing I (fall semester) and one section of College Writing II (spring semester). Each TA independently designs a syllabus, plans lessons, conducts class, and assigns grades for each class of approximately 20 students.

Each TA is assigned a desk and computer in a shared office in Flowers Hall for holding office hours, grading, and preparing course materials.  

Although TAs are responsible for designing and teaching their courses, they are supported with textbooks, sample syllabi, lesson materials, and guidance from the TA Coordinator. TAs also receive training during English 5382 and required orientations.

Eligibility: Those who have already completed 18 graduate hours in English and have sufficient teaching experience are eligible for a TA position. TA applicants must also have 12 or more required credit hours remaining in their degree plan at the time their TA position begins. 

IA/TA Application Guidelines

Perks of being a Graduate Assistant Colin Teaching

Students considering a career in academia can benefit from working as an IA and TA. Becoming familiar with effective instructional practices and getting to know faculty members can assist MATC students in becoming instructors of undergraduate courses such as Technical Writing, Professional Writing, or Editing.

Working on campus allows Graduate Assistants to fuse their school and work environments which reduces commute time and makes it easier to take advantage of on-campus resources and activities.

Each Graduate Assistant’s work schedule is carefully planned to avoid conflicting with his or her graduate courses. This personalized schedule, along with part-time hours, allows Graduate Assistants to devote an adequate amount of time to their own coursework.

Finally, out-of-state residents who hold an IA or TA position are eligible for in-state tuition.  

Graduate and Departmental Scholarships

There are scholarships available to Graduate students from the Graduate College and various scholarships available to MATC students from the Department of English.

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  • There are scholarships available to Graduate students from the Graduate College. These include the following:

    For more information, or to look at a list of various other scholarships and financial resources available from the Graduate College, please visit the Graduate Scholarship website.

  • There are various scholarships available to MATC students from the Department of English. These include the following:

    • The Thomas L. Brasher Memorial Scholarship 
    • The Ralph and Francys Houston Scholarship 
    • The Mamie Smith Memorial Scholarship 
    • The David Stevens Memorial Scholarship 
    • The Leonard and Elizabeth Wright Scholarship for Future Teachers 
    • The Ione Dodson Young Scholarship 
    • William F. McKeen III Memorial Scholarship for incoming graduate students 
    • G. Jack Gravitt Scholarship for MA student who is also applying for a IA/TA assistantship 

    Interested students can apply for Department of English Scholarships through the BOSS portal. Once you log in with your net ID and password, you will complete a few questions; if you meet the eligibility criteria for any scholarships, BOSS will list them as "Recommended Opportunities."

    All Scholarship recipients must be English majors and have at least a 3.5 Texas State GPA. 

    The Deadline for English Department Scholarship applications is February 1, 2020.