Student Research

MATC student Cody Holden created a video about how to develop a professional technical communication portfolio for the Digital Video Writing and Production course in Fall 2016. 

MATC students, Jen LaGrange, David Hernandez, Danielle McEwen and Matt Pantuso collaborated on a project to re-brand the Government Partnership Program (GPP) here at Texas State University into its newly renamed Institute for Government Innovation. 

As part of the re-branding and marketing project, the students created a new logo for the organization, as well as a brochure, business card, and updated content to IGI’s website.  Their work was completed for the Spring 2016 Editing the Professional Publication Internship course. 

As part of the Spring 2016 Internship Course, MATC Students were tasked with creating recruitment videos for the MATC website in order to provide insight in to the program and what it means to be technical communicators.  The students were divided into two groups:

Student and Faculty Video Group: Cody Holden, Kristen Sacky, Laura Anne Sayegh, and Robyn Smith


Alumni Video Group: Heather Bonham, Lauren LaSoya, Kimberly Morgan, Swati Sahi, and Jenny Van De Walle


MATC alumna Viviana Molina created several brochures, a web page, and an Employee Instructional Manual for the Stroke Center at the Doctor's Hospital of Laredo in Laredo, TX.  Her work was completed for the Spring 2010 Medical Rhetoric and Writing course.

Stroke Center Employee Instructional Manual : Viviana Molina (DOC, 582 KB)
Stroke Information Brochure - Spanish : Viviana Molina (JPG, 123 KB)
Stroke Information Brochure - English : Viviana Molina (JPG, 125 KB)
Stroke Center Brochure - Spanish : Viviana Molina (JPG, 118 KB)
Stroke Center Brochure - English : Viviana Molina (JPG, 109 KB)
Stroke Center Web Page Layout : Viviana Molina (JPG, 162 KB)

MATC student Dawn Martinez created a training presentation for clinic managers and supervisors working at Scott & White Healthcare in Round Rock.  Her work was completed for the Spring 2010 Medical Rhetoric and Writing course.

MATC student Susan Rauch developed this Healthcare Literacy Guide for the Spring 2010 Medical Rhetoric and Writing course.

Healthcare Literacy Guide : Susan Rauch (PDF, 20 MB)

Samantha Manley created a series of documents, brochures, and advertisements to help promote the Texas State Unviersity Student Health Center Pharmacy and its services as part of her service-learning experience in the Spring 2010 Medical Rhetoric and Writing course.

Pharmacy Brochure : Samantha Manley (PDF, 1 MB)
Formulary : Samantha Manley (PDF, 506 KB)
Advertisement - Notepad : Samantha Manley (PDF, 520 KB)
Advertisement - Pestle : Samantha Manley (PDF, 514 KB)
Advertisement - Bottle : Samantha Manley (PDF, 578 KB)

National Instruments Interns - Spring 2009
Top to Bottom (L to R): Jennifer Duick, Vita Haake, Janice Ringersma, Jennifer Osburn, Stacie Janak, Michelle Hajovsky

MATC Alumnae Janice Ringersma, Jennifer Duick, Jennifer Osburn, Vita Haake, Stacie Janak, and Michelle Hajovsky all worked on various projects as interns for National Instruments.  These internships were conducted during the Spring 2009 Editing the Professional Publication course.

MATC student Jenny Pearson created an amalgam of two documents developed by BMC Software that resulted in the "Social Change in Technology" white paper.  She first edited a paper on social technology created by her contact with BMC, Ynema Mangum.  Next, she edited the work of Tom Bishop, CTO of BMC Software, which was a paper on the subject of green IT.  This work, along with her final amalgamation of the two documents, was developed for the Spring 2008 Research Methods course.

MATC alumna Stephanie Richardson created a Resource Directory for Pflugerville Middle School for the 2007-2008 academic school year.  This document was produced for the Fall 2007 Editing the Professional Publication course.

Pflugerville Middle School Resource Directory : Stephanie Richardson (PDF, 539 KB)

MATC Alumna Sarah McNeely developed this Editor's Handbook for the Victorian Periodicals Review during the Fall 2007 Editing the Professional Publication course.

MATC Alumna Jennifer Thomas created both a Professional Manual and a Quick Start Guide for Adobe Acrobat 6.0.  She produced these documents for the Spring 2006 Software Documentation course.

Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional Manual : Jennifer Thomas (PDF, 642 KB)
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Quick Start Guide : Jennifer Thomas (PDF, 253 KB)

MATC Alumna Laura Tanner edited the 2004 Workplan for Austin Community Access, Inc. (ACAC).  The workplan outlines ACAC's goals for 2004.  She offered many improvements, including reformatting the entire document from a list format to a table format, as well as strengthening the opening introduction and adding a table of contents.  This work was completed for the Fall 2003 Technical Editing course.

2004 Workplan Edited for ACAC : Laura Tanner (DOC, 175 KB)