Lab Services Provided

Usability Testing

User interaction with your products to measure what they do with it; measurement of product performance, efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction; recommendations for product improvement.

User Engagement Testing

The measure of how much value users find in a product or service, and how much interaction the product or service inspires.

Expert Review

Qualitative evaluation and review of your products.

Accessibility Validation & Testing

Expert evaluation, advice, and recommendations for developing, implementing, and monitoring online ADA compliance; users with disabilities interact with your products.

Focus Groups & Interviews

Facilitated discussion to identify stakeholder needs, expectations, and experiences with your products.


On-site or remote workshops on topics including accessible design, user-centered design, cultural impact on the user experience, and more.


White papers, integrative reviews, and analysis of new and emerging products and competitors; secondary research and reviews of information on products and stakeholders from industry, government agencies, media sources, and other sources.

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