Lab Procedures

Before you arrive, please be aware of the following lab policies:

  • Phone conversations, personal conferences, and loud chatter should be conducted outside of lab
  • DO NOT remove any technologies from lab without permission from lab coordinator*
  • Arrange with lab coordinator to open lab for you*
  • Bring personal flash drive to save your data

When You Arrive

  1. Turn on lights
  2. Turn on computer(s)
  3. Log in to computer using your Texas State Net ID and password
  4. Turn on TV (if using cameras)
  5. Turn on cameras and web cams
  6. Set up cameras and web cams to meet your preferences
  7. Ensure all supplies needed for testing and research are in lab
  8. Lock lab door if you need to leave

                 (Note: lab must not be left unattended at any time)


  1. Close lab door and put “Testing in Progress” sign on door when testing is in progress
  2. Turn off or silence all cell phones, including participant’s phone
  3. Use care while operating technologies in lab

Before You Leave

  1. Save data to your flash drive
  2. Shut down ALL computer programs before shutting down computers
  3. Turn off cameras and TV
  4. Make sure lab is clean and tidy (i.e., empty trash cans and take your personal belongings with you)
  5. Turn off lights
  6. Close door and make sure it is locked*

*All lab inquiries, such as opening and closing arrangements, should go to Matthew Greengold, Lab Coordinator: or 512.245-7662

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