Internship Track

Internships offer students the opportunity to apply their Texas State education toward a practical application. An internship is an essential function in preparing students to enter the workplace with interpersonal skills and confidence. For some students, the internship is a great way to add relevant work to their resum├ęs.

English 5312: Editing the Professional Publication

Teacher leads students in conversation in a casual setting.

An internship opportunity is offered through the MATC Program's English 5312 Internship course: Editing the Professional Publication. This approach gives students hands-on experience working in collaboration with a professional publication or institution. The course's philosophy is one of learning through service. This course prepares students for the following:

  1. Writing, editing, designing, and proofreading for a professional publication.
  2. Operating as a Writing/Editing Consultant to professional clients.
  3.  Taking direction and feedback from professional clients and/or an Editor-in-chief.
  4. Working in teams to produce publications of the highest quality.
  5. Completing a Service Learning Project consisting of writing and technology which culminates in the development of large print and/or online documentation.

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